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Tri Star is a family owned and operated business that was founded in 1988 by Dave and Judy Steine. Dave had been rebuilding engines and working at wholesale auto parts companies his entire life and finally decided to turn his passion into his own business. A lot of 'About Us' pages will tell you they started with a wrench and garage, but Dave went in head first with a huge loan for a 40,000 square foot building and the drive to work harder than anyone else. That ambition to take risks is what pushes us to constantly improve and innovate; if there's a new piece of a machinery available to increase the quality of our engines we buy it, if there's a way we can better serve our customers we implement it.

Why is it important that Tri Star has been a high volume engine manufacturer since 1988? There's some things you can only learn from experience. In the age of technology we're in it's very difficult to separate the true engine and transmission manufacturers from the online guys that build 1 engine a week, or the ones that don't even build their own engines! Here at Tri Star we have the experience, the equipment and the processes to build you the best original equipment, high performance, marine, industrial or custom engines.

Today, Tri Star Auto Parts, Inc. DBA Tri Star Engines and Transmissions is a full service engine builder located in Baldwin, Wisconsin with a 171,000 square foot production facility. We design and build new and remanufactured engines for all types of original equipment replacement, high performance, racing, marine and industrial applications. Our full staff of customer service and technical support representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., CST.

One thing that has never changed in the 25+ year history of Tri Star Engines is our family owned values. It seems like a simple philosophy Treat people right. That's it... We've given away the secret to our success. We treat every customer right, whether you're the shop down the street or you're from Hawaii, Maine, China, or anywhere in between.


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At Tri Star Engines and Transmissions all machining, assembly, and dynamometer testing is performed in house. Don't be fooled by online engine builders that are just parts assemblers. Tri Star controls all aspects of engine building, our completely equipped state of the art machining facility handles everything from cylinder block CNC'ing to crankshaft balancing. All parts are blueprinted to achieve maximum performance. When the job is complete all complete assemblies are dyno tested, not just run on a run in stand. All this is done to provide lasting quality right out of the box.

Tri Star Engines Vision

"To be the premier supplier of replacement powertrain components, fulfilling the needs of our customers by providing:

Superior quality products & evolving vehicle coverage
Outstanding customer service and technical support
Continuous training for our customers & employees

We strive to build quality products and strong partnerships with our customers to ensure our mutual growth and profitability."